Barcelona Gothic Quarter History & Food Tour

From GBP £116.00
  • Duration: 210 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Product code: PVV70L

Adults (age 18 & above): £116

In 3.5 hours, you will go on a food journey blended with a historic walk in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.


Taste the classic bites that shaped Barcelona at the few remaining 75+ year old traditional tapas bars in this historic neighborhood. And learn how history from the Romans through the Moors to the present has shaped the food of the city today. 


The tour starts at a bar since 1927, where you will enjoy vermouth and cava paired with cured meats, cheeses and more.


Then you will immerse in the history of Barcelona and the Gothic Quarter. Explore Roman remains through thousands of years of history, slide through centuries-old streets, and uncover secrets and hidden corners. You will understand how twists and turns in the history of Barcelona have led to what people eat here today. 


Get ready for more tapas at the second stop that opened in 1945 and has been serving the same four tapas ever since. Of course their food have been perfected by now.


Lastly, it’s time for a sit-down meal with a selection of traditional Catalan dishes and local red wine at a tapas bar which was originally opened in 1935 as a shop selling ice, wine and olive oil. 


Dinner is complete with the Catalan classic dessert crema catalana (similar to crème brûlée but made with milk). 


Especially you will have fun with trying the Catalan drinking custom – porrón – drinking wine from a traditional glass wine pitcher!