Florence Medici Family History Tour

부터 GBP £61.00
  • 기간: 2 시 (대략)
  • 위치: Florence
  • 상품 코드: P07SLU

Adults (age 18 & above): £61

Children (age 5-17): £42

Infants (age 0-4): Free

Mentioning about the history of Florence, we cannot forget the Medici family, a wealthy power that ruled Florence for more than three centuries. You will explore the history of this great family and Florence and visit most iconic places of this renowned power in this 2-hour tour.


You will get insights into famous Medici figures: Juan de Medici, Cosimo the Elder, Piero de Gouty or Lorenzo the Magnificent.


Visit the extraordinary Palazzo Medici, the majestic residence of the Medici family in Florence and a famous architectural work of 15th-century Florence. It is considered the first Renaissance palace in the world. Here the most prominent artists and philosophers of the Renaissance have visited or even stayed.


Explore the Chapel of the Magi, a 15th century fresco with true portraits of some members of the noble Medici family. The Chapel also has an exquisite garden where the famous San Marco Gardens began and where the famous artist Michelangelo learned to sculpt.


During the tour, we will see the film locations of many scenes from the well-known fiction series “The Medicis”.


Also, you will get to know about great enemy families of the Medici – Strozzi, Albizi, Pazzi families. See their spectacular buildings and hear their enigmatic past and fascinating history.