Venice Off The Beaten Path Walking Tour

から GBP £47.00
  • 期間: 75 分 (約)
  • 所在地: Venice
  • 製品コード: PMZQFR

Adults (age 6 & above): £47

Children (age under 6): Free

Escape crowded touristy places and discover a Venice off the beaten path in a 1 hour 15 min walking tour! From San Marco to Rialto Bridge, your will uncover hidden gems of Venice.


You will discover the labyrinth of “calli” (Venetian narrow streets), and picturesque hidden corners known only by the locals. You can find hidden architectural jewels such as the breathtaking “Scala of Boboli”, a spiral staircase that belonged to one of the richest families in Venice.


Immerse in rich history and culture of Venice with the Rialto Bridge, traditional markets or Venice’s oldest church San Giacomo (about 1200 A.C.). Your guide will tell the stories about the merchants such as Marco Polo from all over the world coming here to trade exotic goods.


You will also admire the Fenice Opera House, where Giuseppe Verdi and many other great composers performed their masterpieces.