Watercolour Painting Class with a Famous Artist

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  • 天數: 105 分鐘 (左右)
  • 位置: Venice
  • 产品编号: P8F13N

Be an artist in one day and create your painting of Venice with a famous watercolour painter! 


The teacher will take you through romantic spots, hidden corners as well as spectacular landscapes, and teach you how to paint his home in watercolour. This is your chance to calmly feel and paint the soul of Venice!


Your teacher is a Venetian artist specializing in the watercolour art. He participated in many decoration work in important Venetian palaces and monuments such as the Fenice Theater, Bauer Hotel and many others.


After a small presentation about his artistic life, the teacher will take you to the places (chosen at the moment), and you will start to create your own painting using the watercolours.


The first step will be the study of the sketch, the essential starting point for a good painting.


Next, you will pass to the colour, discovering how the light is a colour as well and its wonderful effects to your painting.


The teacher will be next to you to show and explain the secrets to obtain the best pictorial effects such as water reflection, colour shade between clouds and the sky, or the details of lights and shadows using the great technique of watercolours.


This 1 hour 45 minutes experience is suitable for both beginners, experts and everyone who likes painting or drawing live “en plein air” discovering the techniques of watercolour.